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Ribeye Steak (Bone In)

Ribeye Steak (Bone In)

24oz Ribeye Steaks
$18.00/lb. Avg. 1.5lb .
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Ribeye steaks are considered the most flavorful steaks you can get and this bone-in steak simply adds even more punch.The ribeye is found between the ribs and loin and the incredible fat marbling means that, however you cook it, it will always be juicy. Simply season with salt and pepper, slap it on the heat, and enjoy the unbeatable flavor.

The cows at Magnolia Meadows are all grass-fed for their whole lives, and are never fed any hormones or steriods. They are naturally healthy animals and produce great steaks every single time. Try them out if you don't believe us! 

These bone-in cuts are approximately 24oz (1.5lbs) and are cut 1 1/3" inches thick.